Bureau DIY Vape Supplies have arrived!

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Prefer to dabble in a bit of vaping DIY & mix up your own juice?

Now you can mix your own vape juice with professional supplies and equipment, using the same high quality ingredients used by the Bureau. Our range offers the best priced DIY Vape Supplies in Australia guaranteed.




100% Vegetable Glycerin Unflavoured

USP & BP certified food grade (United States & British Pharmacopeia)

Locally sourced in Australia

Available in three sizes - 50ml, 250ml & 500ml



 100% Propylene Glycol Unflavoured

USP & EP certified food grade (United States & European Pharmacopeia)

Locally sourced in Australia

Available in three sizes - 50ml, 250ml & 500ml


Pre-mixed Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol

Choose your preferred pre-mixed VG / PG ratio - 50:50, 60:40 or 70:30

USP certified food grade (United States Pharmacopeia), locally sourced in Australia

Available in three sizes - 50ml, 250ml & 500ml

Vape-Bureau-DIY-Mixing-Supplies-30ml-glass-dropper-bottles30ml Glass Dropper Bottles with Childproof Caps

We've done the leg work for you and sourced high quality empty glass dropper bottles that tick all the right boxes for the serious vaper.

Each empty glass dropper bottle has a fluted straight glass pipette (that actually reaches to the  bottom of the bottle), squeezable synthetic nipple and child resistant cap.

 Empty E Juice Mixing Bottles with Twist Caps

Use these great bottles to store your VG and PG supplies or your own e juice mixes. 50ml, 250ml & 500ml sizes

Lightweight, durable, clear PET boston bottles - will safely contain your supplies without plastic degradation or contamination of contents. 


Vape-Bureau-DIY-Mixing-Supplies-black-twist-caps-for-e-juice-bottlesBlack Bottle Twist Caps - 24410 neck

Ever waited for twist caps ordered from overseas to arrive, only to find that you've been sent bright orange caps instead of understated cool black ones ..... again??

Our easy to use black twist caps close securely to avoid spills & can be used to decant e liquids straight into your device.

   14 Gauge Blunt Tip Needles (Green)

DIY mixing just got a whole lot easier! These blunt tip needles are perfect for working with thicker e juices like 100% VG or max VG blends.

Suitable for use with both luer lock and luer slip syringes.

   3ml Dispensing Syringes

DIY mixing just got a whole lot more precise! These 3ml mixing syringes are perfect for measuring smaller volumes of e juice or flavour concentrates and have clearly marked measuring increments.

Use with luer slip & luer lock blunt tip needles


Vape-Bureau-DIY-Mixing-Supplies-graduated-measuring-cylindersGraduated Measuring Cylinders - 25ml & 50ml

Measure larger volumes of VG and PG for your e juices with a graduated measuring cylinder.

Made from moulded translucent polypropylene, with raised permanent graduations in 1ml increments that are easy to read and won't wear off.