Dr Michael Mosley docos - Are electronic cigarettes & vaping safe?

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Dr Michael Mosley docos - Are electronic cigarettes & vaping safe?

Mini documentaries on electronic cigarettes & vaping by Dr Michael Mosley

World renown UK doctor and medical journalist Dr Michael Mosley has made several documentaries on electronic cigarettes and vaping in recent years as part of his "Trust Me I'm a Doctor" and "Horizon" series on BBC TV.

He supports vaping as a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking. If you're looking for well presented and balanced information on vaping from a trusted and reliable source, have a look at the docos by clicking on the title links below. 

Dr Michael Mosley - E Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? 

Originally aired in May 2016, Dr Michael Mosley presents an update on electronic cigarettes, using himself as a guinea pig to test the safety & effects of using an electronic cigarette. In this 5 minute snapshot of the full TV documentary he takes up vaping for one month (being a healthy, lifelong non-smoker he makes a perfect control for the experiment). He is then subjected to various tests and describes the experience from his own perspective. The good doctor even smokes his very first cigarette ever in the name of science to provide data for comparison (and it's not a pretty sight)!

This segment discusses the measurable difference in safety of e cigarette use compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes, significantly lower risks associated with passive vaping compared to passive smoking from tobacco cigarettes, concerns around the safety of chemicals found in some food flavourings and view that vaping is less addictive then smoking.



Vaping:  Dr Michael Mosley interview with Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2

This radio interview in May 2016 was conducted after the documentary above was aired. The interview expands on some of the themes covered in the documentary.

The most interesting takeaway from this interview is the growing evidence that the purer form of nicotine inhaled when vaping is less addictive than nicotine inhaled by smoking tobacco cigarettes. Michael describes his own experience of taking up vaping for one month to replicate the usage of an average vaper. When the month long experiment was over he stopped vaping altogether and describes having no cravings or signs of addiction whatsoever. 



Dr Michael Mosley - Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

An oldie but a goodie ... aired back in October 2014, this mini documentary show some of the key takeaways from his original hour long TV segment.

This video provides a good introduction to vaping and shows the results of several medical tests conducted on both smokers and vapers, in particular levels recorded for nicotine, carbon monoxide (associated with heart disease) and acrolein (associated with cancer & lung problems). It's interesting to see that nicotine levels were much the same for smokers and vapers, but that levels of carbon monoxide & acrolein detected in vapers were found to be not only much, much lower than for cigarette smokers, but similar to that of non-smokers.

Make sure you check out the footage of now very retro looking, first generation cigalikes and early pen vapourisers!

Oh how things have changed in such a few short years :)