New Victorian Vaping Laws from 1 August 2017

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Victorian Vapers - electronic cigarette laws

will change on 1 August 2017 

Winter isn't coming ... it's most definitely already here! And the only changes we'll see in the coming months are the changes to vape laws in Victoria.

After 1 August 2017 some of the laws related to vaping in Victoria will be brought in line with the State's smoking legislation. So you don't get left out in the cold, here's a breakdown of the new legislation.

In Victoria it will still be OK to sell, purchase and use electronic cigarettes and non-nicotine e-liquids. Likewise, selling, possessing and using nicotine containing vape products will still be banned.

The first change 

the sale of e cigarettes to minors (people under the age of 18 years) will be prohibited. Vape Bureau does not sell any vape related items to anyone under 18. We see this as a great move by the Victorian State Government, bringing them in line with most other states in Australia.

The second change

relates to how electronic cigarettes and related products can be displayed, advertised and promoted in bricks & mortar vape stores:

  • some vape products that have been displayed until now will need to be covered in vape stores and will no longer be visible inside or from the outside of stores
  • advertising and promotional material for e cigarette products will no longer be visible
  • customers will not be able to sample e liquids, try out vape gear or equipment when visiting bricks & mortar vape stores or in smoke free areas.

The third and broader change 

relates to where you can vape. Using e cigarettes (with or without nicotine) will be prohibited in any legislated smoke-free area (Tobacco Act 1987, Amendment 2017) including:

  • restaurants & cafes
  • outdoor dining areas, outdoor dining courtyards & footpath dining
  • licensed venues
  • takeaway shops
  • food fairs and other organised outdoor events when food is available for consumption
  • train stations, tram stop platforms, tram and bus shelters
  • in cars with children under the age of 16 years
  • the grounds of, and entrances to childcare centres, kindergartens, preschools and schools
  •  within 10 metres of outdoor children’s playground equipment, skate parts & sporting venues during underage sports events
  • under-age music or dance events
  • outdoor areas of swimming pools and patrolled beaches
  • entrances to public hospitals, registered community centres and many Victorian Government buildings
  • enclosed workplaces

These winter nights and mornings are so cold, we're all blowing great big clouds with every breathe. So for the time being ... rug up ... keep warm and be mindful of where you vape after 1 August.


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Disclaimer:  The above advice is based on information available at the time of publishing and is intended as a guide only. It is each vaper's responsibility to check and be aware of the current laws for their own State or Territory as legislation may change.