There are two ways you can start an online business

Now that you've decided to take the plunge and start an online business, there are two ways to go about it.

You can start from scratch and build an online business from the ground up:

....figure out your niche ... research your products and find trusted suppliers ... purchase your inventory or investigate using a drop shipping model ... build your website ... write blogs and content to promote affiliated products ... develop a customer email list ... generate marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your website and convert all this effort into sales.....Phew!

After all those countless hours of work, it can still take time before your new online business actually starts making money and becomes profitable.

Alternatively you can buy an existing, already established online business and be up and running in weeks , not months or years.

Vape Bureau is for Sale

Vape Bureau has quickly positioning itself as an industry leader, offering vape devices, e-juice and DIY mixing supplies at competitive prices. Strong customer focus, fast processing and shipping times and after sales support have resulted in a trusted brand with a repeat, loyal customer base.

From the outset Vape Bureau began to redefine how vape products should be sold, offering products across a wide range of brands including: Vaporesso, SMOK, Eleaf, FreeMax, Voopoo, XTAR, Cuttwood, Vapetasia, FRYD, Frank & Atticus, Smithereens and Hometown Hero.

Vape Bureau is Australia's largest supplier of professional measuring & dispensing vape supplies featuring DIY mixing products and accessories required to mix your own e-liquid and vape juice.

It's an exciting time for Australian online vape stores. Vaping has become a much more acceptable alternative to traditional smoking, with a dramatic increase in the number of people switching to vaping to kick that nasty habit and take control of their lives.

Although this is a niche industry, there's limited competition and a growing demand for people wanting to buy online and buy locally in these unusual times.

Click on the link below for more information on Vape Bureau and everything that's included in the sale of this ecommerce business.

CBureau's Vape Bottles are engineered for durability and designed for usability. Our bottles provide the safe and secure storage of vape juice.

Proven Performance

Vape Bureau takes advantage of strategic partnerships in the industry to offer a better experience for their clients, first by offering a wide variety of inventory selections. Customers can expect far more products which means more options for a varied vaping group, as well as a selection of top-quality vaping accessories.

And rather than diving into a pool of unfamiliar products on the website without a guide, Vape Bureau offers quick and insightful introductions to each of the items they sell. Many of the products displayed provide links to reviews and introductory material, ensuring that customers know what they are getting.

In addition to retail sales, Vape Bureau has positioned itself as a repository of knowledge about vaping, vape products and the vape industry in general. Offering blogs, news and content rich product details, Vape Bureau is a wealth of information for the new and experienced vaper alike.

As part of the company's overall mission to sell to an educated customer base. Customers who understand how to use products safely and efficiently ultimately remain satisfied customers.

We're growing all the time, always in new ways, trying to explore what we can offer to our vaping customers — and to the industry as a whole.

It's an exciting time to be in the vape industry, with constant new innovations.

What you need to know when buying an online business

When you buy an established online business, you’re not just buying a website, you’re buying a complete business package. This means you get products / physical inventory, trusted supplier relationships, real customers and subscriber mailing lists, a social media presence, proven marketing methods to generate leads and traffic to your website and convert to sales, ongoing ad campaigns and in some cases even employees and/or virtual assistants.

Buying an established online business is a turnkey solution that you take over. After buying the business you can let it run as is or increase your profits by making your own changes. Once you buy, the business is all yours to do whatever you want with.

An established online business should have a proven track record of traffic, sales and profit that you can view before you buy - always check out the financials, don’t rely solely on what the seller tells you. Show me the money!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t buy an online business for sale just because it's a big moneymaker. A proven sales record is great, but it's even more important to look for a business that has potential to grow that's in a niche that interests you. The key ingredients in any business are passion and drive to realise the potential.

Vape Bureau's biggest sale vape event of the year is here! Our annual Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 event returns on Friday 27 November with amazing deals and savings so ridiculous you'll regret missing out.

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