14 Gauge Tapered Tip Blunt Nozzles for 100%VG | Green

  • We've all been there. The frustration of dispensing measured volumes of 100% VG is nothing but time consuming. There is a solution to your DIY mixing.

    These plastic 14 gauge tapered blunt tips are compatible with standard syringes. Use these high precision tapered nozzles to easily dispense medium and high viscosity liquids including Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), gels, moisturiser, essential oils and adhesive glues such as epoxy, silicone and sealants. The possibilities are endless.

    Unlike standard tubular 14 gauge stainless steel blunt needles, tapered tip nozzles create less friction and back pressure when drawing thick fluids with either Luer Slip or Luer lock syringes or Gorilla style Unicorn bottles.