18650 Battery Case | Holds 10 Cells

  • When you need to safely store ten 18650 batteries in one container, this battery storage case is for you. The streamlined and simple case has been designed for ease of repeated use, with one long hinge along the long side of the case and two catches, it just works time and time again. The case body is secure when closed, robust and insulated, protecting your batteries from physical damage and contact with other metals.

    Manufactured from semi-transparent white PP plastic (Polypropylene) the case is thermoformed from a single mould. This means the case hinge and catches don't break when repeatedly bent. If you accidentally drop your case, the thermoformed shape memory polymers enable it to return to its original shape.

  • Dimensions: 19cm Long x 7cm Wide x 2cm High
    Material: PP Plastic (Polypropylene)
    Colour: Semi-Transparent
    Dual Clip Lock Latches
    Single Mould Hinge.
    Durable one piece protection shell design
    Holds ten 18650 batteries
    May not be compatible with all Protected 18650 Batteries. Not recommended for use when travelling by air.

  • 1x 18650 Battery Case - Holds 10 Batteries

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