Blank Vape Labels for Gorilla Bottles | E-Liquid Facts Stickers

  • When mixing your own e-Liquids you can create almost any flavour you can imagine. You get to experiment with tastes and PG/VG ratios to get the perfect vape juice for you. It’s the ultimate way to tailor your vaping experience.

    E-liquid Facts Blank Labels allow you to record your mix data how you like to see it. Mix with freedom using options like ratio percentage, volume in millilitres, drops count for flavour refining and weight in grams for total control when using Digital Scales.

    Use a fine permanent marker pen to record:
    Product Name
    Bottle Contents Size
    Batch Number #
    Batch Date
    Ingredient Name
    Ingredient Measure: (%) Percentage, (mls) Millilitres, (drops) Per Liquid Droplet, (gms) Weight

    Vape Labels include important general warning and safety information including Age Restriction, Pregnancy and Health Advice.

  • Product Name: Blank Thermal Labels

    Style: E-Liquid Facts

    Material: Paper-backed Self-Adhesive Stickers

    Label Size: 62mm x 62mm x 75gsm

    Print: Pre-Printed Thermal | Waterproof ink

    Fine Permanent Pen Marker recommended

    Labels by Vape Bureau

    Compatibility: 62mm Labels are compatible with the wide range of Vape Bureau Chubby Tall Gorilla Bottlesincluding 30ml | 50ml | 60ml | 100ml | 120ml

    Labels are NOT compatible with 30ml Chubby Style Gorilla Style bottles (short) including bottles under 30ml.

  • 1x Thermally Printed Label
    5x Thermally Printed Labels