Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake | Frank & Atticus

  • Frank & Atticus are renowned for their amazing ability to craft e-juice flavours that are so close to the real thing they'll leave you wondering how a vape juice could be this good! Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake is a new release from Frank & Atticus and captures exactly that experience as you vape this savoury delight of dry-roasted popcorn and sweet, warm caramel drizzle.

    The F&A guys have really dialled in on the popcorn, creating a prominent, earthy and authentic taste experience. Cheesecake gives it a wonderful vanilla buttery texture with a burnt toffee caramel finish.

    All in all, this e-liquid will appeal to flavour chasers and RY4 lovers who crave vanilla and smokey caramel tobacco.

    Flavour notes: caramel | popcorn | vanilla cheesecake | biscuit base

  • 60ml Ready to vape, crafted and bottled in Australia by Frank & Atticus

    70% Vegetable Glycerine

    30% Propylene Glycol

    0% Nicotine

Frank & Atticus appeals to both the novice and discerning vaper offering smooth and saturated flavours with multiple layers. This evokes the pleasurable experience of different nuances on the inhale and exhale for a more dynamic vaping experience.