Coilology Shoelace Cotton Strips 3mm⌀ | 20 pcs

  • Coilology Shoelace Organic Cotton Strips now make it so easy to thread your 3mm⌀ RBA coils with the aglets, just like shoelaces, at both ends of the cotton wick.

    Each organic cotton lace is 10cm long with a 2mm⌀ black end aglets for easy grip, allowing you to focus on the important stuff of wicking your new build. The thicker fibres ensure better absorption of your vape juice.

    Coilology Shoelace Cotton is unbleached, pesticide and chemical free, pure organic cotton and ready-to-use straight out of the box.

  • Coilology Shoelace Cotton Wick
    Manufactured by: Coilology
    Material: 100% Organic Cotton
    Size: 3mm(D) x 10cm (Shoelace cotton)
    Length: 10cm
    Material: 100% Organic Cotton (unbleached, pesticide & chemical free)

  • 20 x Coilology Cotton Shoelaces

    1 x black metal decorative case