Cream Cake | FRYD | 60ml Twin Pack

  • Cream Cake by FRYD offers a golden sponge cake filled with creamy vanilla frosting.

    Each and every hit gives you a fried treat flavour reminiscent of what you’d expect from your local bakery.

    The inhale delivers cakey goodness, which becomes even smoother and creamier on the finish. An absolute treat for anyone who's a fan of creamy vape juice.

  • Ready to vape | E-Juice | 2x 60ml twin pack crafted by FRYD California USA

    70% Vegetable Glycerine USP
    30% Propylene Glycol USP
    0% Nicotine
    Natural & Artificial imported flavours imported and made in the USA

  • 1x 60ml Single FRYD Cream Cake

    or 2x 60ml Twin Pack FRYD Cream Cake