Killer Kustard Lemon | Vapetasia | 100ml

  • When you’re on the hunt for a creamy, tangy vape that’s slightly sweet and mind-blowing nonetheless, your search ends at Killer Kustard Lemon E-Juice 100mL by Vapetasia.

    Combining their signature custard flavour with freshly grated lemon zest, Vapetasia continues to inspire vapers everywhere with this delectable dessert e-juice. Imagine warm vanilla custard fresh off the stove and left to cool, only to have sultry shavings of lemon sprinkled on the custard and then folded into the mix.

    For fans of flavours where refreshing citrus meets sweet and smooth desserts, there is no better choice than Killer Kustard Lemon E-Juice by Vapetasia.

  • Killer Kustard Lemon by Vapetasia 100ml | USA

    70% Vegetable Glycerine USP
    30% Propylene Glycol USP
    0% Nicotine
    Natural & Artificial imported flavours imported and made in the USA

  • 1x 100ml Killer Kustard Lemon by Vapetasia E-Juice

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