Peppermint & White Choc Cookie | Frank & Atticus

  • Peppermint White Choc Cookie, new release by Frank & Atticus is an indulgent treat for cookie fanatics. Inspired by our local favourite 'Mint Slice' biscuit, this fresh vape consists of buttery shortbread cookie and milk chocolate with sweet undertones of peppermint.

    The inhale thrills your taste buds with just the right amount of sweet, rounded peppermint and milk chocolate. As the freshness starts to fade, silky milk notes kick in and carry the rich chocolate through to a perfectly blended finish of chewy sugar cookie.

    Flavour notes: peppermint | white chocolate | butter | sugar cookie

  • 60ml Ready to vape, crafted and bottled in Australia by Frank & Atticus

    70% Vegetable Glycerine

    30% Propylene Glycol

    0% Nicotine

Frank & Atticus appeals to both the novice and discerning vaper offering smooth and saturated flavours with multiple layers. This evokes the pleasurable experience of different nuances on the inhale and exhale for a more dynamic vaping experience. 

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