Smithereens | Sample Pack | 30ml

  • Salted Caramel RY4 10ml
    Salted Caramel RY4 offers the rich blend of buttery, delicious Salted Caramel and warm vanilla bean with subtle undertones of the classic RY4 tobacco. The perfect blend of sweet with the depth and complexity that's both robust and smooth.

    Vanilla Slice 10ml
    Is there anything more Australian than our nation’s favourite bakery treat? That firm-but-wobbly block of vanilla custard sandwiched between golden flaky pastry and lightly dusted with icing sugar.

    Tiramisu 10ml
    Smithereens Tiramisu is an incredibly delicious and decadent dessert vape. Discover distinctly layered chocolate sponge cake and butter shortbread drenched in light whipped cream, and finished with a dash of cheeky espresso.

  • 3x 10ml Smithereens Series | Vanilla Slice | Salted Caramel RY4, | Tiramisu70% Vegetable Glycerine USP & BP
    30% Propylene Glycol USP & EP
    0% Nicotine
    Natural & Artificial imported flavours imported and made in the USA
    Ready to Vape in 10ml Chubby Gorilla Style Bottles
    Warning: Vanilla Slice e-Juice may contain trace elements of Acetyl Propionyl.


Inspired by the classic racer motorbike movement, Smithereens vape juice has been stripped back & paired down for the ultimate flavour experience. Smithereens has simple flavour notes with depth & character of iron & air.

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