Vape Labels for 60ml Gorilla Bottles | Blank e-Liquid Stickers

  • Vape Bureau version 1 vertical DIY labels were such a hit and with your feedback we have released version 2. Vape Bureau version 1 vertical DIY labels were such a big hit. We loved hearing your feedback, took it on board and have now released version 2 of our popular vertical labels.

    Vape Labels for 60ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles now also include, flavour percentage and vape batch numbering. These die-cut blank labels have rounded corners making it so easy to apply to just about any vape juice bottle.  

    When you're putting in some serious mix time, it's easy to lose track of critical information between each unique mix. Vape labels help you to capture key volume percentage and batch number so you can cross reference additional info on a spread sheet.

    60ml Vertical vape labels provide a simple clear and clean format with plenty of room to jot down your juice name creation. These blank stickers are the most compatible label in our range the perfectly wrap around 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 100ml and 120ml chubby gorilla style bottles.

    Use a fine permanent marker pen to record:

    Vape Title
    Total % VG (Vegetable Glycerin)
    Total % PG (Propylene Glycol)
    Total % Flavour
    Total % NIC (Nicotine)
    Total Contents Volume ML (Millilitres)

    Batch Date
    Batch Number #

    Vape Labels include important general warning and safety information including Age Restriction, Pregnancy and Health Advice.

  • Product Name: Blank Thermal Die-cut Vape Labels

    Style: Retro Clean Design - Vertical

    Material: Paper-backed Self-Adhesive Stickers

    Label Size: 38mm x 90mm x 75gsm

    Print: Pre-Printed Thermal | Waterproof ink

    Fine Permanent Pen Marker recommended

    Labels by Vape Bureau

    Compatibility: 90mm Labels are compatible with the wide range of Vape Bureau Chubby Tall Gorilla Style Bottlesincluding 30ml | 50ml | 60ml | 100ml | 120ml

    Labels are NOT compatible with juice bottles under 30ml.

  • 1x Die-Cut Thermally Printed Label
    5x Die-cut Thermally Printed Labels