Wotofo Xfiber Cotton 3mm | 30 pcs

  • Wotofo Xfiber Cotton Aglet Wick, also known as Shoelace Cotton is 100% All Natural Organic Cotton is tasteless, unbleached and completely free of pesticides as well as other harmful substances. The pack includes 30 pieces of shoelace cotton and each individual piece measures 60mm long and 3mm wide.

    One end of each cotton wick has a plastic aglet that acts as a sheath and can be pulled off once you'e got your cotton in place. Simply slide the tapered end through your coil then remove the aglet as if it were the sheath of a sword. Once your Cotton is properly in place, fluff out the ends and tuck them into your build deck.

    The Wotofo Xfiber Agleted Organic Cotton is the perfect solution for fast and convenient building with your favourite build deck. This tried and true wicking material has proven to be the most efficient method to absorb e-liquid while preventing dry hits.

    Made with long fibers that wick well and aren’t easily torn apart, the RBA Xfiber Organic Cotton will give you trouble free wicking allowing you to focus on the important business of creating your next satisfying build.

  • 30x Wotofo Xfiber Cotton Aglet Wicks