Xtar PB2 Battery Charger Powerbank | Black

  • XTAR the leading manufacturer of charging devices has developed a multifunction charger and Powerbank that can rapidly charge dual lithium-ion 18650 batteries.

    Revolutionizing the way you charge your vape devices, phone or smart watch, the highly efficient PB2 can also be utilised as a fully functional portable power bank to provide you with a new level of convenience to your life.

    This versatile battery pack has a rubberized outer finish and feels sturdy and well constructed in hand. The removeable front cover is tooless, held-fast by two elongated neodymium magnets for ease of access but also secure when in place.

    With all the features you come to expect from XTAR, the PB2 hand-held portable charger comes with panented safety technology including, Charge and Discharge Battery Blancing, Short Circuit, Reverse Battery, Safe Input Voltage, Overheat Protection,0Volt activation (recover over-discharged batteries), and made from Flame Retardant Materials.

    Brand: XTAR
    Model: PB2
    Colour: Black
    Size: 11 x 5 x 2.5cm
    Weight: 55g
    Input: 5volts@2.1amps
    Input Continuous Current: 2Amp with single battery - 1Amp with two batteries
    Output: 5volts@2.1Amps
    Cut-Off Voltage: 4.2±0.05Volts
    Cut-Off Current: ≤120mAmps
    Conversion efficiency up to 92%
    Dual 18650 Battery Charger & Powerbank
    Rapid charging capability
    Charges batteries independently
    Micro-processor control
    Battery status % indicator LED
    Toolless Neodymium Magnet Battery Cover
    Charge & Discharge Balancing Technology
    Over-Voltage Protection
    Over-Discharging Protection
    Short-Circuit Protection
    Reverse Polarity Protection
    0Volt activation (recover over-discharged batteries)
    Flame retardant materials
    RoHS, CPIC, CE Compliance
    Sony VTC4 18650 Rechargeable Battery | 30Amp
    Sony VTC5A 18650 Rechargeable Battery | 35Amp
    3.6V/3.7V ICR/INR/IMR lithium-ion unprotected 18650 Batteries
    Protected 18650 batteries don't fit in case bays

  • 1 x XTAR PB2 18650 Charger and Powerbank
    1 x USB to MicroUSB Cable
    1 x Instruction manual

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